Care of Lacquer-ware Tableware


1. Rinse out in warm water.
2. If greased on, put watered-down mild detergent liquid on a dishcloth or a soft sponge and wash gently.

After washing
3. Drain and dry with a cloth before dried out.

4. If used daily, can be pile on top of another.
5. If for guests, sandwich a tissue or a cloth between them or put into a box. 
6. If important, store by wrapping in cloth or paper, and keep out from heavily dried out condition.   

Never do followings.      
1. Never Put in Microwave; Putting in microwave completely damages lacquer-ware .  
2. Never Expose to Direct Sunlight; Strong sunlight especially ultraviolet gradually damages lacquer-ware.
3. Never Put into Dishwasher; High temperature weakens lacquer-ware.
4. Never Boil up; Boiled water wakens lacquer-ware.
5. Never Keep Soaking in Water; if there were small scratches on the lacquer-ware surface, water will soak through and that will become a possible cause of damage.
6. Never Use Scrubbing Brush and Wire Wool; Hard brush makes scratches on the surface of lacquer-ware.  
7. Never Washed with Metal ware Glassware and Ceramic ware; Washing with hard tableware damages the surface of lacquer-ware.

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