Live view of Japan after 311 Great East Japan Earthquake and Tsunami

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant Live Camera

Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant


The view of the Fukushima No1 Nuclear Power Station near the unit1 nuclear reactor.

Updated every hour during 5:00 and 19:00.



Source: TEPCO official web site

Great east Japan earthquake and tsunami on 311, and the following nuclear accident left a large scratch.
People in damaged areas are in the process of recovering from the hard life. Many people over the world
are providing us of rescue and relief.  We  express our gratitude on behalf of the most of Japanese. 
We have heard that  many people outside Japan overreacted on the nuclear accident, due to the lack of
accurate information from Japan.

This site tries to send you the views of daily life in Japan through a live camera.
Except for the damaged area, most of the people secure a normal life and enjoy the safe products made in Japan.

Please come to Japan and patronize Japanese products as you have been doing.
That will contribute on the accelerated recovery of Japan and help our economy.

Live Cameras in Japan
Click the pin and watch the daily life of Japan.

Live view of Shiretoko World National Heritage Experience one of the World natural heritage in Japan 
Live view of Sapporo Great view of Odori park from Live camera at the SapporoTV tower.
Live view of Hakodate City View of Hakodate city from Mt. Hakodate 
Live view of Mutsu City Live camera for  Mutsu City and Mt.Kamabuse 
The view of Asamushi Onsen SPA Great ocean view from Asamushi Onsen Ryokan
Live view of Aomori City and Mt Hakkoda Live Camera at the Aomori Tourist Center
Live view of Hirosaki Castle Live Camera for Hirosaki Castle
Live view of Mt. Chokai Live camera at Foresta Chokai.
Live view of Castle over Shirakawa Station Live view of Komine Castle over Shirakawa Station
Live view of Iwaki Station in Fukushima Live camera at Iwaki Station.
Live view of Asakusa Lave Camera at the Senso-ji temple
Live view of Akihabara Electrics Stores Big electronics stores stand cheek by jowl along the main street at Akihabara.
Live view of Shinjuku Street Look into the busy street in Shinjuku
Live view of Yokohama Bay side Marina Watch the boats in the harbor.
Live camera is located at the pier.
Live view of Hakone spa area One of the best sights seeing and spa area near Tokyo.
Live view of Mt. Fuji Great view of Mt. Fuji from Mt.Mitsutoge.
Live view of Steam of Hot Spring in Kusatu Onsen Watch at the hot spring at the center of Kusatsu onesen SPA.
Live view of Monkey's SPA Live camera at Jigokudani yaenkoen.
Live view of Mt. Hakuba in Alps Enjoy the great view of North Alps. 
Live view of Gero Onsen SPA The view of Gero Onsen Ryokan(Japanese style hotel) across the river.
Live view of Ataka beach
Live view of Natadera Temple Watch the strange shape of rock and color of the maple trees. 
Live view of Nagoya harbor
Live view of Kikaku-ji Temple Live Camera focuses on the Kinkaku-ji Temple over the pond.
Live view of Owase Harbor View of Owase harbor located at the back of a narrow bay.
Live view of Hashikurai-ji
Live view of Seto Ohashi Bridge Live  camera is located at the Memorial Park of Seto Ohashi Bridge.
Live view of Gulf of Miho Live camera is located at the YunoYado Shogetu at Minakai Onsen SPA.
Live view of Beppu Onsen SPA
Steams are coming out from the various point of the Ryokan area.
Live view of Nagasaki City Live camera is located at the top of Victoria Inn Nagasaki