Side Bulged Four Tiered Box with Big Pine Tree

Side Bulged Four Tiered Box with Big Pine Tree
This is a typical foods serving style for celebratory occasions. Four tiered boxes are used for serving various kinds of foods in each box. It is a pleasure to open up four boxes on the table and see beautifully placed foods in the boxes.

The trunk and needles of big pine tree are depicted delicately with urushi lacquer and various sizes of gold powders and metal powders are sprinkled over them to finish up as gold makie.
Surface of the tiered box is smoothly polished up with powders of stag horn.
Optional Bowls, Personal Plates and Trays serving for 5 are available.
Special care should be taken to keep the urushi lacquer tableware ever clean. (no dishwasher, no microwave oven, no scrub brush, no metallic sponge, more cares... )   

Tiered Food Box with Big Pine: 19.5 x 19.5 x 23.5cm, Mounting: 26.0 x 26.5 x 6.0cm / Urushi lacquer, Wood / Wooden Case
Negoro Square Tray: 33.0 x 33..0 x 2.0cm / Urushi lacquer, Wood / Wooden Case
Bowl: Big Pine with Sunriseφ13.5 x 10.0cm / Urushi lacquer, Wood / Wooden Case
Tame Plate: φ14.0 x 2.5cm / Urushi lacquer, Wood / Wooden Case